Chela Morin as Lindsey 
 Known for 
 for more check out Chela's IMDB page:

Justin M. Tolliver as Carter 
Known for
Repentance, Alone in the WoodsEvil Lives Here: Shadows of Death, Lets Make Deal 
for more check out Justin's IMDB Page
Ronald Woodhead as Milo
Known for
Wolf Hound, Hunters, Four Corners, AVA
for more Check out Ronald's IMDB PAGE 
Miranda Roldan as Host
Known for
South Beach Love, Law & Order SVU, Happily Ever After, Zero Tolerance 
for more Check out Miranda's IMDB PAGE
Andreas Pliatsikas as Niko

Known for
The Christmas Lottery, Food that Built America
for more Check out Andreas's IMDB PAGE

Dana Segal as Theresa

Known for 
Curfew, Celebrity Deathmatch, The Limbo Room 
for more Check out Dana's IMDB PAGE

Sam Simone as Tracy

Known for
Blue Bloods, You Follow me, Dead Plan(t)s
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